Mayank is a melodic rock band centered around Brazilian vocalist Gui Oliver (ex-Auras, Landfall), joined by Swedish guitarist Rolf Nordström (Perfect Plan), keyboardist/producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, and drummer Nicholas Papapicco. Their self-titled debut album will be released by Frontiers out August 6, 2021. A first taste of music from the album is available below through the video for the single “Destiny Calling”.

“I was really inspired by the songs Ale [Alessandro Del Vecchio] sent me for this album. I wrote the melodies and the lyrics around them. The ideas came so naturally, like they were already in my mind and heart. Especially some lyrics that are a kind of redemption to me. My musical background is the classic bands such as Strangeways, Giant, FM, Signal, Survivor, and Journey and I think you can hear that in these songs,” says Gui Oliver.

Of the first single, Gui adds, “‘Destiny Calling’ was the last song I recorded for the album. As Ale said to me once, destiny was calling us to make this album together. We needed one more song to complete the album and he came with this great piece of art. I believe this song is about fate and the moment you realize the meaning of your life and how we must be thankful for being here and how it is important to support and help people out there.”

Frontiers President Serafino Perugino, who signed Gui’s band Auras back in 2010, has long admired the Brazilian vocalist’s talents and wanted to give him another platform to showcase his amazing melodic rock vocals, resembling such giants as Steve Perry, Jimi Jamison, and Mickey Thomas. Thus, Mayank was born with the intent to build a group with amazing talents from the melodic rock scene who are all on the same wavelength musically.

1.  Destiny Calling
2.  Billy Is On The Run
3.  Miracle Mile
4.  We Are One
5.  Long Live The Soulless
6.  Julia’s Smile
7.  Sign Of Love
8.  Hold On
9.  From The Heart
10. Eternal Dream
11. Road To Paradise
Gui Oliver – vocals
Rolf Nordstorm – guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio – bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Nicholas Papapicco – drums