Harley Vendetta | Vocals/Guitars
Alex Nine | Guitars
Eddie Crow | Bass
Rizzy| Drums

As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, Stockholm’s horror rock act Mister Misery released their debut album “Unalive” via Arising Empire in October of last year.

Described as a “killer gothic circus show performing a soundtrack between Metalcore and Visual Kei”, like “a mix between early Avenged Sevenfold and Wednesday 13” with “a bit of Joan Jett and a bit of Def Leppard”, the band has now launched a single, “Strangeland”, which was a leftover from those first album sessions.

„In these strange times, we wanna do what we can to keep the flame (un)alive in our fans! That’s why we decided to release an older, unreleased song from the Unalive era that didn’t make the album. “Strangeland” is about a dark, horrifying world with all the scary goodies and nightmares to keep you entertained throughout this pandemic. We’re thrilled to release something new to all of our ghosts out there, so let’s head to Strangeland, shall we?”

Watch the lyric video to their new single ‘Strangeland’ now:


The four piece metal band was founded in February 2018 by Harley Vendetta and Alex Nine. By blending high energy riffs with anthemic choruses and ripping guitar solos, they managed not only to create a hype in the underground metal community, but also caught the attention of renowned founder of Nuclear Blast/Arising Empire, Markus Staiger, leading the band to sign a record deal with Arising Empire in 2019. Hungry to light a fire inside the hearts of the restless and broken around the world, Mister Misery not only delivers musically but pushes boundaries in their theatrical and chaotic performances. Resurrecting the wild spirit of the 80’s while also incorporating horror elements and classical composition, Mister Misery proves to be a promising virtuous and maniacal newcomer in the alternative metal scene.