With its roots in electric blues, hard-swinging grooves and double solo guitars, the band’s soundscape is based on the music created by their heroes in the 60s and 70s. They hold the banner of old fashioned rock high, while adding fuel from the 2020s. Listen to the raw, hard-ripping first single “Down to the Devil” released today. 

“Our goal was to become the city’s best live band,” says frontman Chris Attigliato, who also plays guitar as does Cade Pickering. “It sounded a lot about us. We were the band you just have to see live. It started to get a little cool with long queues outside the clubs to get in. We did not want to get the highest number of digital streams, we just did what we liked and played the music we wanted to play. As it turned out, one led to the other. “

“We have an old-fashioned sound mixed with something new,” says Howard, who recalls stumbling upon Attigliato and Herring in the basement of the boys’ high school in Tennessee, where they played Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love, which sounded far better than what such young guys should sound. “The first time I met these guys, I knew I had to play with them. I knew we could play music that would appeal to people our age but also to those who grew up with that kind of music. ”

The band was formed when all the members were still in high school and they got their audience in the old honest way by plugging in, turning up the volume and playing. They learned by playing the old classics of The Rolling Stones, MC5, The Allman Brothers Band and Pink Floyd and shaped these influences into their own songs and a sound that was loud, aggressive and full of good choruses. After gaining a fan base in their hometown of Franklin, Tennessee, they took aim at Nashville and quickly became one of the city’s most talked about bands before any of its members even turned 20 years old.



  1. Down To The Devil
  2. Georgiana
  3. Strawberry Blonde #24
  4. Wolves
  5. If Your Name is New York (Then Mine’s Amsterdam)


  • Chris Attigliato – Lead vocal
  • Bo Howard – Bass
  • Cade Pickering – Guitar
  • Landon Herring – Drums