Oberst premiere “Parting”


Tarjei Kristoffersen – Vocals/Guitar | Dennis Estensen – Guitar | Joakim Karlsen – Bass | Johan Fredrik Bolli – Drums

As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, Norwegian hardcore/metal band Oberst originally formed around the mutual interest in music rather than any particular genre. The band later found common ground in bands like Mastodon, Baroness, Converge and Cult of Luna. However, influences that are unique to each of the members has become just as defining, ranging from classic rock and jazz to modern pop. Oberst now blends many influences seamlessly into a unique sound, be it hardcore, post metal, progressive metal and rock. Their huge, warm and atmospheric riffs meet hectic, catchy elements driven by intense and at times manic vocals.

“Parting” is the fourth single off Oberst’s debut album “Paradise”, due January 17th 2020. Hear it here:


The band has commented the single: “Parting is a song about starting over. Excitement, anxiety, hope and longing for what is left behind share the emotional space in the song. As with any good adventure, there is a naive positivity about what lies ahead. It’s like the romanticized version of a roadtrip you have in your head, that tends to end up being a more taxing experience then first imagined. Soundwise, the song is a melancholic, yet big and hopeful anthem. The song peaks as electronic pop act Ponette delivers the quirky, but still very impactful last lyrics of the song”.

In other news, Oberst band members Tarjei (vocals/guitar) and Dennis (guitar) have been nominated for “Best New Guitarists 2019” at Music Radar.

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Oberst premiere “Parting”

November 28, 2019

"Parting" is the fourth single off Oberst's debut album "Paradise", due January 17th 2020.

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