Swedish power metal warriors Vandor have released the details of their new album “On a Moonlit Night”.

In the band’s own words: “‘On a Moonlit Night’ feels without doubt like a highlight in our career: we took a look at everything we loved with our debut, 2019’s “In the Land of Vandor”, and aimed solely at writing in that vein. We are proud that we managed to cover so much musical ground on this album, spanning from the anthem-sounding ‘Mountains of Avagale’ to the beautiful ‘Future to Behold’ and the intense warmongering tale ‘Fate of Eltoria’, and finishing with the almost 20-minute-long saga ‘The Sword to End All Wars’.

This record is more Power Metal than our previous one, but we have also embraced Progressive Rock, which might not come as a shock for those familiar with our music. As for the bonus material… this is our way of thanking the fans! The 4 songs available on the CD show the different musical backgrounds we, as a band, have – with echoes of country music in the acoustic version of ‘Future to Behold’, our love for video game music in the 8-bit version of ‘Fate of Eltoria’ and our very own encore tradition song ‘Together We Fight’.”

“On A Moonlit Night” was written, produced and recorded at the Vandor HQ outside Gothenburg by Alve Bjerde, Vide Bjerde & Jack L. Stroem. The album was mixed by Jason Carter at Wavelength Studio and mastered by Tom Nunes at Atomic Mastering (both located in Salem, Oregon, Usa). The album artwork was made by super talent Nele Diel and it captures an unknown world waiting to be explored, with different tales to be told from the land of Vandor.

‘On a Moonlit Night’ – out on July 16th on Scarlet Records.

1. … Darkness Looms
2. Mountains of Avagale
3. River of Life
4. Endless Sea
5. Future to Behold
6. Fate of Eltoria
7. The Sword to End All Wars
8. On a Moonlit Night
9. Enter Twilight (digital/CD bonus-track)
10. Together We Fight (CD exclusive bonus-track)
11. Serpent & Its Prey (CD exclusive bonus-track)
12. Future to Behold [acoustic version] (CD exclusive bonus-track)
13. Fate of Eltoria [8-bit version] (CD exclusive bonus-track)
“On a Moonlit Night” will include 5 bonus-tracks (4 of which are exclusively available on CD only). The digital version will include one bonus-track.
Vandor lineup:
Vide Bjerde – lead vocals and guitar
Jack L. Stroem – guitar and backing vocals
Alve Bjerde – bass
Lova Krysell/Robin Risander – drums