On Friday, June 5, Prins Svart releases the second single from the upcoming album “Under Jord”! The song is called “Sanningen för mig” and is portrayed by Janne Åström, one of Sweden’s most distinctive and theatrical rock singers!


Henrik in the band explains what led to the collaboration: “Janne has looked past our Stockholm plays with Prins Svart and as soon as it became clear that our former singer could no longer join, Stefan Bergström (Skintrade) called me and almost screamed in the ear that we have to call Janne! Said and done, we asked the question and to our great joy Janne thanked yes almost immediately! ”

Henrik continues: “I write the lyrics and I had a song that I thought would suit Janne, given his background as a musical artist and Cornelis Vreeswijk interpreter. It required a weight and a seriousness that I knew Janne had, but I was still very pleasantly surprised when I heard the result! ”
“We aimed to get a real ballad from the early seventies, type Free and early Scorpions, but with Jannes unique voice and performance, the song became something more modern and even more grand.”
“Sanningen för mig” will be released digitally on June 5th and the album ”Under Jord” will be released on August 21st, 2020!


Prins Svart members:

Tomas Thorberg – Bass
Sebastian Sippola – Drums
Henrik Bergqvist – Guitars
Stefan Berggren – Vocals


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