Norwegian rock band Pristine released their new digital EP “Fireball” on May 8th. The band have now launched a lyric video for the track “Lucid Dream”. The band comments: “We’ve always found a lot of inspiration in listening to psychedelic rock, and when we wrote the song “Lucid Dream” we felt the need to capture a feeling of the folklore mystery we grew up with in Norway, mixed with a melodic melancholy. The lyric is about the place you call home, and how it affects you later in life. To compliment the music we also release a lyric video. Our drummer Ottar placed a camera in his car while driving to his home village, Brensholmen, in the north of Norway. (The video was filmed in april, still a couple of meters of snow..) This became the idea for the background graphics for the lyric video.”

Watch the video for “Lucid Dream” here:


“Fireball” digital EP track listing:
1. Fireball
2. Lucid Dream
3. Behind The Line

Download and Stream “Fireball” digital EP HERE.