As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, Pyogenesis released their album “A Silent Soul Screams Loud” on January 24th. The video version of “The Capital” (which can be watched below) is an edit of the 14 minutes long epic track which can be found in all its glory on the band’s new album, now available as Digipak, ltd. colored Vinyl and ltd. Box Set.


Tour dates:
31.01.2020 (GER) Düsseldorf
01.02.2020 (GER) Frankfurt
12.02.2020 (ESP) Vigo
13.02.2020 (ESP) Salamanca
14.02.2020 (ESP) Madrid
15.02.2020 (POR) Porto
16.02.2020 (POR) Lisbon Alenquer
21.02.2020 (GER) Bremen
22.02.2020 (GER) Hannover
28.02.2020 (GER) Saarbrücken
29.02.2020 (GER) Osnabrück
06.03.2020 (GER) Hamburg
20.03.2020 (GER) Leipzig
21.03.2020 (GER) Greifswald
04.04.2020 (GER) Siegen
22.04.2020 (KAZ) Astana
23.04.2020 (KAZ) Karaganda
24.04.2020 (KAZ) Almaty
25.04.2020 (KGZ) Bishkek
16.05.2020 (GER) Sunrise Festival
21.05.2020 (GER) RAS Vatertach
13.06.2020 (GER) StöfenparkRock
25.07.2020 (GER) München
08.10.2020 (ROM) Bucharest
09.10.2020 (BGR) Sofia
23.10.2020 (UKR) Kyiv
24.10.2020 (RUS) Moscow
25.10.2020 (RUS) Kazan
30.10.2020 (RUS) Rostov
31.10.2020 (RUS) Kirov
13.11.2020 (GER) Wiesbaden
14.11.2020 (GER) Bochum
27.11.2020 (GER) Würzburg
28.11.2020 (GER) Chemnitz

On a few selected shows of the tour, PYOGENESIS will basically be their own opening act; first playing a special “Twinaleblood” set (in celebration of the album’s 25th anniversary) and afterwards a regular PYOGENESIS set.

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