Pyogenesis launch lyric video for “Mother Bohemia”

Pyogenesis will release their album “A Silent Soul Screams Loud” on January 24th. The song “Mother Bohemia” is “more than an ode to your mentality, that is so different from ours but much appreciated”, the band states. The song deals with the Bohemian thousand year old struggle in the 19th Century, which is similar to many parts of Eastern Europe. Slavic, Balkan, Russian… for some reason Pyogenesis feel attached to these regions.

Watch the lyric video for “Mother Bohemia” here:

Tour dates:
20.12.2019 (GER) Erfurt
23.01.2020 (GER) Regensburg
24.01.2020 (GER) Nürnberg
25.01.2020 (GER) Dresden
31.01.2020 (GER) Düsseldorf
01.02.2020 (GER) Frankfurt
12.02.2020 (ESP) Vigo
13.02.2020 (ESP) Salamanca
14.02.2020 (ESP) Madrid
15.02.2020 (POR) Porto
16.02.2020 (POR) Lisbon Alenquer
21.02.2020 (GER) Bremen
22.02.2020 (GER) Hannover
28.02.2020 (GER) Saarbrücken
29.02.2020 (GER) Osnabrück
06.03.2020 (GER) Hamburg
20.03.2020 (GER) Leipzig
21.03.2020 (GER) Greifswald
04.04.2020 (GER) Siegen
22.04.2020 (KAZ) Astana
23.04.2020 (KAZ) Karaganda
24.04.2020 (KAZ) Almaty
25.04.2020 (KGZ) Bishkek
16.05.2020 (GER) Sunrise Festival
21.05.2020 (GER) RAS Vatertach
13.06.2020 (GER) StöfenparkRock
25.07.2020 (GER) München
08.10.2020 (ROM) Bucharest
09.10.2020 (BGR) Sofia
23.10.2020 (UKR) Kyiv
24.10.2020 (RUS) Moscow
25.10.2020 (RUS) Kazan
31.10.2020 (RUS) Kirov
13.11.2020 (GER) Wiesbaden
14.11.2020 (GER) Bochum
27.11.2020 (GER) Würzburg
28.11.2020 (GER) Chemnitz

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Pyogenesis launch lyric video for “Mother Bohemia”

November 15, 2019

Pyogenesis will release their album "A Silent Soul Screams Loud" on January 24th.

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