Last year, guitar legend Michael Schenker released his second Michael Schenker fest album “Revelation”, that features the ever-legendary Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley and Doogie White on vocals. The album also features guest singer Ronnie Romero. Instrumental parts were handled by Michael himself, as well as Steve Mann, Chris Glen, Bodo Schopf and Simon Phillips. Today, the band are pleased to reveal a lyric video for track “The Beast In The Shadow” from that album.



Michael Schenker comments: “Even if we’ve had to postpone concert dates and even if we have to stay home right now – lets never give Rock’n’Roll a break in our lives! I’m hoping to cheer up all rock fans out there with our new video for ‘The Beast In The shadows’, one of my favourite songs from my latest Michael Schenker fest album “Revelation”.
It’s a great song that contains a very heartfelt performance from Graham Bonnet, and the video shows Graham in an even more heartfelt fashion. It´s a fantastic video with some very pure emotions being expressed by Graham. This song also presents the other side of the album – there are many upbeat rocking tracks that have not yet been heard by some listeners, by those who haven’t heard the whole album. I am very excited about the “Revelation” album – its one of my best to date. Listen to the album and you will see what I mean. Keep on rocking and stay safe. All my best to you and enjoy”.


Track listing

1. Rock Steady (feat Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley,Doogie White)
2. Under A Blood Red Sky (feat Doogie White)
3. Silent Again (feat Robin McAuley)
4. Sleeping With The Light On (feat Gary Barden,Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley, Doogie White)
5. The Beast In The Shadows (feat Graham Bonnet)
6. Behind The Smile (feat Doogie White)
7. Crazy Daze (feat Graham Bonnet)
8. Lead You Astray (feat Robin McAuley)
9. We Are The Voice (feat Ronnie Romero)
10. Headed For The Sun (feat Graham Bonnet)
11. Old Man (feat Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley, Doogie White)
12. Still In The Fight (feat Graham Bonnet)
13. Ascension
14.Armed And Ready (live) (bonus track)
15.Bad Boys (live) (bonus track)
16.Rock Bottom (live) (bonus track)

Get your copy of Michael Schenker fest – Revelation, HERE

Michael Schenker fest also announce new tour dates for the UK in December of this year. See the band live at one of the following shows:
15.12.2020 UK – London, O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
16.12.2020 UK – Leeds, O2 Academy
17.12.2020 UK – Newcastle, O2 City Hall
18.12.2020 UK – Wolverhampton, KK’s Steel Mill
19.12.2020 UK – Troon, Troon Concert Hall


Michael Schenker – Guitars
Gary Barden – Vocals
Chris Glen – Bass
Steve Mann – Keyboards, Guitars
Bodo Schopf – Drums
Simon Phillips – Drums


Stay safe, stay healthy and wash your hands