With music inspired by the great 70`s rock bands, 80`s speed metal bands and 90`s black metal bands. Put this together with the creative mind of the band and your get pure dark rock music sounding is clear, raw and hones.

The Pioneering extreme Norwegian metal act Sarke have released The album, Allsighr, on November 5th, 2021 on CD, digital, and gatefold vinyl formats via Soulseller Records.

Let the blend of rock, speed metal and black metal power wash over you with Sarke’s weird but extreme Allsighr. An album that isn’t one thing or the other and is all the better for it. Offering challenge, meaningful challenge built on a solid foundation of heavy riffs and scowling vocals.

Although it might surprise many to find that not every moment or track is rooted in blazing and super-heated ferocity. Sarke aren’t afraid to flex their rock-infused muscles and the end result is toe-curling. Whereas the darker and nastier side of the band is stomach-churning. Put it this way… you wouldn’t expect the word ‘fun’ to come to mind here, yet it does.


  • 1. Bleak Reflections
  • 2. Grim Awakening
  • 3. Funeral Fire
  • 4. Allsighr
  • 5. Beheading Of The Circus Director
  • 6. Through The Thorns
  • 7. Glacial Casket
  • 8. Sleep In Fear
  • 9. The Reverberation Of The Lost
  • 10. Imprisoned


Nocturno Culto: Vocals
Sarke: Bass
Steinar Gundersen: Guitar
Anders Hunstad: Keyboards
Cato Bekkevold: Drums