Shaman’s Harvest release new single for the album “Rebelator”

Shaman’s Harvest, “Rebelator”, the new album available everywhere March 11th. Today Shaman’s Harvest featuring Clint Leary, unveil a new song, “Pretty People”, from upcoming album.

Singer Nathan Hunt says, “Clint and I have been threatening for quite some time. Shamans have long liked what he does so it was quite nervous at first but once we got started it felt like writing with a polar bear. We are lantis from the same area in Pembroke and you can not go outside the house without encountering a Lowey or a Hunt so we talked about our families and relatives and every now and then we played in something. He came up with a really fantastic slang riff and a theme that I picked up at once and then it just continued. The melody feels meaty and cruel. It’s a Shaman’s Harvest song in an awkward way. I’m really curious what the world will think of what a couple of lantis wrote one afternoon in St. Louis. Louis. ”

Shaman’s Harvest has released six albums whose songs to date have been streamed more than 250 million times. The band has salt more than 100,000 albums and 415,000 singles. They have had two singles on Active Rocks radio’s top 30 in the US from the previous album with The Come Up and Devil In Our Wake. The record before that, and the first on Mascot Records, Smokin ‘Hearts and Broken Guns, also had great success with four top 40 placements on Active Rock where the highest was in place no. 11 with In Chains.


  1. Under Your Skin
  2. Toe The Line
  3. Flatline
  4. Voices
  5. Wildfire
  6. Lilith
  7. Mama
  8. Hurricane
  9. Pretty People
  10. Wishing Well
  11. Bird Dog

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Current members:

  • Nathan Hunt – lead vocals
  • Josh Hamler – rhythm guitar
  • Matt Fisher – bass
  • Derrick Shipp – lead guitar
  • Adam Zemanek – drums

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