Silence! NERVED just launched their new music video!




Marcus Hanser, Joachim Björkegren, Petra Kvännå, Joacim Brunnberg, Elias Modig.

As reported earlier here at Stargazed Magazine, Nerved – “the Rammstein of Dalarna” – will perform at Sabaton Open Air 2019, the festival that will be held at Lugnet in Falun, Sweden on August 14-17, 2019.

“Silence” is the fifth video from last year’s album “Leave It All Behind”, which was reviewed here at Stargazed. 

“Silence” was supposed to be on our last album, says guitarist and songwriter Marcus Hanser, adding that it may be the song that best represents their sound. Watch the video here:


In addition to Marcus, NERVED are vocalist Petra Kvännå (Sky High), guitarist Joachim Björkegren (Max Martin, Chosen by Gods), bass player Elias Modig (Eagle-Eye Cherry, The Guild) and drummer Joacim Brunnberg (Eskobar, Mike Granditski).

Cristoffer Eriksson

Cristoffer Eriksson


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