The Murder Of My Sweet will release their sixth studio album, “A Gentleman’s Legacy”, on December 10th, 2021 through Frontiers Music Srl. The album is a concept album that, interestingly enough, picks up where the last album from Mind’s Eye, TMOMS drummer/producer Daniel Flores’ prog rock band, left off with their 2007 release, “A Gentleman’s Hurricane”.

Daniel Flores comments: “The album took about three months to write and about five months to record from start to end and is probably the longest time I have ever taken in a studio. I was afraid of the time I had to take to make a worthy record not only for Mind’s Eye fans, but for our amazing TMOMS fans, the fans that actually made this whole thing possible!”

The band have given fans their first look at the album with the release of the single and video for the track “A Ghost Of A Chance”. Watch the video here:

“A Gentleman’s Legacy” tracklist:
1. Six Feet Under
2. A Ghost Of A Chance
3. Damnation
4. The Wheels Of Time
5. Winged
6. Kill Your Darlings
7. Fathers Eyes
8. Rise Above
9. Trick Of The Devil
10. Heads Or Tails
11. Please, Don’t Wait Up
12. Finding Closure

Pre-order the album HERE.

Angelica Rylin – vocals
Daniel Flores – drums
Mike Palace – guitar
Patrick Janson – bass