The time has come… ‘Worship’, Hypocrisy’s new album, is out November 26, 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Hypocrisy has a 30-year history with 12 albums, hundreds of gigs all over the world, and thousands of fans. This influential Swedish death metal band started from the will of one person, and this person’s name was (and is) Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, The Abyss, PAIN, ex-Lindemann). Having made the first demos all by himself, after getting an offer from Nuclear Blast, he invited musicians to form an actual band.


Since then, Hypocrisy gained success with their records and rocking live performances, and evolved musically and conceptually. Heavy and rich sound with catchy melodic riffs, crushing drum fills, obscure lyrics and versatile vocal parts became a signature style of the band. Its discography from debut ‘Penetralia’ to the last for the moment ‘End of Disclosure’, through such legendary albums as ‘The Fourth Dimension’, ‘Abducted’, and ‘Virus’, is indeed a thrilling metal journey. A journey that continues.


Don’t let the name ‘Hypocrisy’ trick you: Peter Tägtgren stays true to himself, to the music and the fans, never stops creating, and never settles for less than perfect. Hypocrisy’s new long-expected album is already finished and waits for its release date 2021.

Hypocrisy put the pharmaceutical industry on blast in “Chemical Whore.” The track criticizes Big Pharma’s use of predatory tactics to profit off addiction and get expensive drugs into consumers’ bodies. The song’s music video depicts a dead body on a gurney being wheeled through the forest and the beach. The scenes are cut with dystopian drug trials and footage of Hypocrisy performing amongst futuristic stasis tubes.

Tägtgren comments: “We’ve been recording this album here and there for two years and now it’s done! Maybe it was waiting for the right time as some songs are even more real now than a couple of years ago. Thank you all for your waiting. We’re really excited to officially announce we’re back!”

Track list:

  1. Worship
  2. Chemical Whore
  3. Greedy Bastards
  4. Dead World
  5. We’re The Walking Dead
  6. Brotherhood Of The Serpent
  7. Children Of The Gray
  8. Another Day
  9. They Will Arrive
  10. Bug In The Net
  11. Gods Of The Underground

Get your copy: HERE

Hypocrisy is:

Peter Tägtgren – Vocals, Guitars
Mikael Hedlund – Bass
Reidar Horghagen – Drums
Thomas Elofsson – Session Guitaris