Tungsten sing Volfram’s Song

As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, Swedish metal band Tungsten released their second album, “Tundra”, on November 27th. A lyric video is now available for “Volfram’s Song”.

Mike Andersson | Vocals
Karl Johansson | Bass & Screams
Nick Johansson | Guitar
Anders Johansson | Drums

Tungsten was formed in 2016 by drummer Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Manowar) after his sons Karl and Nick Johansson had let him listen to some songs they had composed together. Soon thereafter Mike Andersson was added to complete the band. Anders Johansson is one of the most skilled and experienced drummers in the metal world with a background from listening to Deep Purple and Rainbow. He also has strong influences from jazz and he plays upright bass. The musical talent was passed on to Karl and Nick who praises bands like Rammstein and Meshuggah. Being from a later generation, they bring modernity and current trends to the music. Mike enjoys a wide variety of bands, from Bee Gees to Meshuggah, and listens a lot to different singing styles which contributes to the melodic and varied singing in Tungsten.

The lyrics on “Tundra” are a lot about time. They are still down to earth dealing about natural things that common man might relate too. There’s also fiction and mysterious stories about Volfram, the man on the album covers who is the guardian of time and balance, the traveler between time and space and different dimensions. On »Tundra« he has travelled from a world in a past time with castles, fairies, and knights to a future world which is a city after its fall, ending up in the middle of an icy tundra where almost no man can survive the freezing cold climate.

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Tungsten sing Volfram’s Song

December 20, 2020

Swedish metal band Tungsten released their second album, "Tundra", on November 27th.

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