U.D.O. released their the first ingenious well-known single “Man And Machine” from forthcoming album “Live in Bulgaria 2020 – Pandemic Show”, out 19th March 2021!

„Man & Machine” has become a classic song and is one of the most popular & streamed song from U.D.O and shouldn’t be missing in the live set.

The year 2020 faced many with tough challenges, but U.D.O. managed to play a great show under pandemic conditions in front of the breathtaking backdrop of the amphitheater in Plovdiv/Bulgaria, making it not only one of the world’s grandest shows under Corona, but also certainly beyond compare. This is exactly the feeling that the live recording captures: “It is an evening that lets everyone feel for a few hours exactly what only music can convey: to feel like we belong together and be carried away from everyday life and all worries. An evening in which, especially in 2020, it was clear what an important task culture fulfills and what an indescribable gap it leaves behind if it is not allowed to take place!


“Live in Bulgaria 2020 – Pandemic Survival Show” will be made available as a CD/DVD, Blue-ray/CD and limited vinyl (audio only).

Track listing:

01. Tongue Reaper
02. Make The Move
03. Midnight Mover
04. Wrong Side of Midnight
05. Metal Machine
06. Independence Day
07. Rose In The Desert
08. Vendetta
09. Rising High
10. Prologue: The Great Unknown
11. In The Darkness
12. I Give As Good As I Get
13. Princess of The Dawn


01. Timebomb
02. Drum Solo
03. Bass Solo
04. Hungry And Angry
05. One Heart One Soul
06. Man And Machine
07. Animal House
08. They Want War
09. Metal Heart
10. Fast As Shark
11. Balls To The Wall
12. Outro (Stillness Of Time)