After four years of incubation, the Swedish death metal band Ablaze My Sorrow has marked February 12, 2021 as the date of their triumphant return.

The new full-length, entitled “Among Ashes and Monoliths”, introduces the new singer Jonas Udd, whose aggressive song fits Ablaze My Sorrow perfectly. With four original members, the band now sounds more vital than ever. The new opus consists of passionate self-reflection and once again addresses themes such as depression and self-worth. In twelve tracks, the band talks about their own experiences of life here and now. And the truth of their words is obvious to say the least. The Falkenberg Quintet is an underrated gem that now debuts on the new record label Black Lion Records and lets their emotional style of melodic death speak for them.

  • 1. My Sorrow
  • 2. Among Ashes And Monoliths
  • 3. Black Waters
  • 4. Grit
  • 5. Her Cold Embrace
  • 6. At The Graves Of Giants
  • 7. Dark Chasms
  • 8. The Cavernous Deep
  • 9. Nonexistence
  • 10. March Of The Eldritch Spawn
  • 11. The Day I Die
  • 12. Frihet Framför Feghet


  • Anders Brorsson – bass
  • Magnus Carlsson – guitars
  • Alex Bengtsson – drums
  • Dennie Lindén – guitars
  • Jonas Udd – vocals

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