It is now clear that the Finnish metal band Battle Beast will be supporting Avantasia at the gig in Gävle in July 14, 2021: Gävle, Gasklockorna.
It was in 1999 that Edguy singer Tobias Sammet decided to do a project alongside his main band and the following year the first single was released. Thus, 21 years later, we can state that Avantasia has exceeded all expectations. With eight incredibly successful albums and several world tours in the bag, Avantasia is one of European metal’s strongest names. A year or so ago, Avantasia did a sold-out gig in Stockholm and now that it’s time to celebrate its 21st anniversary, Tobias Sammet has decided to return to Sweden for an exclusive gig in Gävle. As a unit, we see Finnish Battle Beast with Noora Louhimo in the lead.
Tickets are available at: GefleMetalFestival