Gary Moore’s new album “How Blue Can You Get” will be released on April 30, 2021 on Provogue Records / Mascot Label Group! The record contains previously unreleased material.

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the tragic death of the iconic Northern Ireland musician and songwriter. He not only left behind a fantastic collection of music from his acclaimed solo career and as a member of Thin Lizzy, Skid Row, Colosseum II and more but also a legacy that matches a few others.

When digging deep into the Moore’s family archives, they found a number of unreleased recordings that few had previously heard which accentuated the brilliance of one of the blues’ finest modernists. Among the songs are original songs like In My Dreams, a beautiful, brilliantly slow ballad where every note cries when Moore exposes his heart and the astonishingly melancholic “Looking At Your Picture”. 

Now that the release of the album with previously unreleased gems is approaching, they once again highlight Moore’s depth and complexity and how his music has touched so many. The last word comes from Bernie Marsden, “We grew up together in the same industry and in the end he became a big star. I was not in the least surprised because he was a God-fearing musician and a great artist. But for me he was first and especially my friend and I still miss him today. Enjoy these great recordings. “


1. I’m Tore Down
2. Steppin’ Out
3. In My Dreams
4. How Blue Can You Get
5. Looking At You Picture
6. Love Can Make A Fool Out Of You
7. Done Somebody Wrong
8. Living With The Blues