When Ullevi in Gothenburg was asked if there was interest in letting rock icon Hank von Hell take Ullevis’s big stage, there was no doubt. Hank von Hell and his band now give a full concert in full production – “Live at Ullevi Stadium”, June 15, 2020 at. 21:00. The same day, the new studio album “Dead” is also released. June 15 is also Hank’s birthday. Other artists have chosen to stream live from living rooms or rehearsal rooms. It’s nothing for Hank von Hell. He will be the first artist in the world to stream from an arena with a capacity of over 75,000 visitors. This is the only live concert planned so far at Ullevi 2020.

Magnus Ax, producer for the concert says: – This is so damn fun to have! Hank is a legend, and we’re so tagged! Gothenburg always has, and will always be Sweden’s rock city number 1, so to implement this right here is something that you feel immense pride in. I also want to take this opportunity to thank and mention our fantastic partners for this event: GOT EVENT & Ullevi, Bandit Rock, RedDot, Ljud Med Mera and Sony Music. This is going to be awesome!
Hank von Hell’s fans, in Sweden and around the world, will not be disappointed. Rock legend Hank is extremely loaded and ready to deliver the century’s live experience. Although the arena will be empty, it is not meant to save on the gun.

– I’ve had questions about livestreaming several times now during these Covid-19 times. But I have always felt that IF I should do it, I want to give the fans an “out of this world experience”. Because that’s exactly where we are and live now, in another world. So when the idea came up to do it from Ullevi, and especially from Gothenburg – a city that I love and see as my second home – there was no doubt. If you can’t get to the gig, Hank will bring the gig to you. With message. ”

The tickets cost 150 SEK and can be purchased through Hank von Hell’s website : https://hankvonhell.solidtango.com

The same day as the concert is streamed, the new studio album “Dead” (Sony Music) is also released.



1. Ad Conteram Incantatores
2. Dead
3. Danger Danger!
4. Blackened Eyes
5. Disco
6. Crown (feat Guernica Mancini)
7. Radio Shadow
8. Video Et Taceo
9. Velvet Hell
10. Forever Animal
11. Am I Wrong
12. 13 in 1
13. Requiem For An Emperor


Stay safe, stay healthy and wash your hands