Hear P.O.D.’s “Rockin’ With The Best” off of upcoming album “Circles”

San Diego’s P.O.D. returns on November 16th with their tenth album ‘Circles’, released on Mascot Records.

Listen to Rockin’ With The Best below.

“We didn’t limit ourselves,” says Sandoval. “We’ve been doing this for 26 years. We’re all veterans in this game now. We just want to play and write songs that we hope are relevant and catchy to a new audience—while, at the same time, we’re still being true to ourselves.”

‘Circles’ is the next step in P.O.D.’s evolution that uniquely positions them above their contemporaries. The amalgamation of rock, reggae, punk, metal, and hip-hop influences, this new record is sure to rock the party for years to come. “Our hope is that all of our songs resonate with people, and that they do last a lifetime, not just a radio cycle,” adds Sandoval. “We really are here, touring and still making music, still grinding away, and we’re thankful for all the people that still enjoy what we’re doing.”




Rockin’ With The Best
Always Southern California
Panic Attack
On The Radio
Fly Away
Listening For The Silence
Soundboy Killa

Available formats:
Standard 1LP, Limited edition 1LP, CD and Digital

Cristoffer Eriksson

Cristoffer Eriksson


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