As previously reported here at Stargazed, the next House of Metal festival in Umeå, Sweden will take place on March 1st and 2nd of 2019. The last bands for this years festival are now announced: Zephyra, Awake the Dreamer and Deathheim. Cover bands Helldorado & Freak Out are also confirmed.

FRIDAY: Ross The Boss (US), Tiamat (Swe), The Haunted (Swe), Taake (Nor), Lik (Swe), Persuader (Swe), Sadauk (Swe), Zepyhyra (Swe), Cosmic Overlord (Swe), Deathheim (Swe), Helldorado (Swe)

SATURDAY: Clawfinger (Swe), At The Gates (Swe), Necrophobic (Swe), Rotting Christ (Gre), Attic (Ger), Malakhim (Swe), Devil’s Force (Swe), Godhead Machinery (Swe), Awake the Dreamer (Swe), ???? Paranoid (Swe), Freak Out (Swe)

Schedule with times now available at 


Zephyra (Sweden)

ZEPHYRA, hailing from Borås, Sweden, plays melodic death metal with industrial and thrashy influences. Zephyra is fronted by Åsa´s distinctive and wide range vocals. A second, critically acclaimed album; ’As The World Collapses’, was released in 2016. The stand alone single ’The Darkest Black’ was released via Inverse Records. The band has both club-, festival and European shows on the renommé, and always brings 200% to the stage.

Awake the Dreamer (Sweden)

The Stockholm based Metalcore/Post-Hardcore quintet Awake the Dreamer have made a great name for themselves in the European Metal/Hardcore scene since the formation of the band back in 2015. Following the footsteps of bands like Northlane, Bring Me The Horizon and Architects, Awake the Dreamer have created a unique sound combining raw classic hard-hitting Post-Hardcore with the new ambient sound of modern Metalcore.

Deathheim (Sweden)

Deathheim is a relatively new death metal band from Sundsvall. After more than a year’s switching between different genres, both set and style were set in early 2018, where it landed in melodic death metal with influences from thrash, doom and Swedish death metal. With a series of gigs in their hometown and two singles in their luggage, it is finally time for Deathheim to visit the northern latitudes.


TICKETS sold through

2-days – 915 SEK incl. service fee
1-day – 560 SEK incl. service fee

You need to be at least 18 years old to attend.Visitors under age of 18 can only enter accompanied by a parent.Children under the age of 13 cannot enter the festival due to loud music volumes. Don’t forget to bring a valid photographic ID.