Huntress vocalist Jill Janus (1975-2018) remembered.

Jill Janus (September 2, 1975 – August 14, 2018) was vocalist for the American bands Huntress, The Starbreakers, Chelsea Girls (two female cover bands) and Vexy Strut, who released Demos in 2004. Janus was also co-composer and creator of an upcoming rock opera with Angus Clark of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra.


Janus sadly committed suicide near Portland, Oregon last tuesday. Janus had spoken openly about her bipolar disorder since her early teens, a mental condition which had progressed into schizophrenia and dissociative disorder. Janus spoke publicly about these challenges in hopes of guiding others to address and overcome their mental illnesses.


The thrash-influenced heavy metal band Huntress was formed in California in 2009 after the classically trained Janus – a former Playboy model – had moved to Los Angeles. The band was signed by Napalm Records and went on to release two EPs and three full lenght albums.


Huntress discography:

2010 – Off with Her Head (EP)
2011 – Eight of Swords (EP)
2012 – Spell Eater
2013 – Starbound Beast
2015 – Static


Cristoffer Eriksson

Cristoffer Eriksson


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