Jonny Lindkvist joins Gathering Of Kings

Jonny Lindkvist (Nocturnal Rites) has been confirmed as one of the vocalists for the next Gathering Of Kings album. The first song you will hear Jonny in, as a GOK singer, will be on the next single “Moonlight”, which will be released in September. “Moonlight” will include: Jonny Lindkvist (Vocals), Victor Olsson (Guitars, Keyboards & Backing Vocals), Nalle Påhlsson (Bass), Efraim Larsson (Drums), Apollo Papathanasio (Backing Vocals) and Alexander Frisborg (Backing Vocals).

Gathering Of Kings sophomore album, titled “Discovery”, which will be released in the first quarter of 2020, will include Rick Altzi (MASTERPLAN), Nalle Påhlsson (EASY ACTION, THERION, ex-TREAT), Apollo Papathanasio (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, ex-FIREWIND), Victor Olsson (SAFFIRE), Tobias Jansson (SAFFIRE), Efraim Larsson (STREAMLINE, RYDELL & QUICK), Jonas Källsbäck (THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA) and Alexander Frisborg (HELLDOG), among others.

Jonny Lindkvist will also be touring with GOK next year!

Gathering Of Kings recently released their first single off the upcoming album. Listen to “Heaven On The Run” here:

Anders Camitz

Anders Camitz


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