On Friday November 12th, the Knights Of The Realm release their debutalbum “Knights Of The Realm”. Some very good reviews have been coming in, among them 8/10 from Rock Hard in Germany as well as 8/10 from Metalized Magazine in Denmark with more reviews to follow after release.

Every once in a while, a band emerges ready to take on the world… Sweden’s own Knights Of The Realm bring the thunder and deliver the goods (pun intended). From the first note of the intro, to the last on the outro, they deliver their own lovingly crafted blend of classic 80’s metal.


The trio from Stockholm have released a video trilogy starting with “Fields Of Fire”, followed up with “When Metal Meets The Beast” and finally “Heavy Metal”.

There’s an obvious theme there, and an unadulterated love for the metal of the 80’s. From the song titles, to the videos and most importantly the music, it’s clear that these guys are in it for the love of the genre.

The Knights Of The Realm are hoping to embark on a tour in the spring of 2022.



  1. An August Play
  2. Into The Void
  3. Heavy Metal
  4. Fields Of Fire
  5. Chains Of Metal
  6. Blood On Steel
  7. When Metal Meets The Beast
  8. Steel My Heart
  9. Standing At The Gates Of Hell
  10. Metal Attack

Full album stream HERE

Knights Of The Real is many years of heavy metal experience combined into a pure vicious heavy metal machine. Larry “The Hammer” Shield (Lars Sköld) has toured the globe and recorded with legendary band Tiamat for as long as he can remember, and is without a shadow of a doubt the band’s backbone. Magnus “Megalomangan” Henriksson has been making history with his band Eclipse since the end of the 90’s and is a bonafide guitar hero, who’s both capable of some heavy duty riffage as well as delivering gorgeous melodies. Mean Machine (Marcus Von Boisman) has been working in the shadows of metal for many years, and played with Swedish bands Windupdeads and Stormen. And as far as the Mean Machine goes, well, the name says it all! He delivers the soaring rock vocals we all love, with attitude and feeling.

The love for classic heavy metal is the driving force behind this band. The aim from the beginning was to write heavy metal hits that should, or could, have been on the albums they grew up listening to. When the songwriting process began, it was like opening Pandora’s box. The overall feeling was that those songs were calling out to be written and to be played, and the band’s collective ideas, dreams and experiences merged into something new, something that can hopefully lure a new generation of rockers into that metal club we all love.

Knights of the Realm is a Swedish heavy metal band, and their aim is to spread their music to as many metal heads as possible, all the while having a blast doing it. They are getting ready to go on a crusade, and to take their true place on the metal throne as Knights Of The Realm.


  • Magnus “Megalomagnus” Henriksson – Guitar
  • Lars “Larry The Hammer Shield” Sköld – Drums
  • Marcus “Mean Machine”  Von Boisman- Vocals