The hall of fame rock band Metallica will visit Copenhell with their only Nordic concert in 2022.
Metallica’s impressive achievements through time speak volumes. The band was formed in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist/singer James Hetfield and in the 40 years since, they’ve pretty much done it all. Ever since their great eighties hits to their newest releases, they have enjoyed huge popularity and been a cornerstone in the development of hard and heavy music. It is with great respect, humility and not least excitement that, festival director Jeppe Nissen, finally can welcome them at Copenhell .
Festival director Jeppe Nissen says: ”It’s an absolutely gigantic honour for us to present such a big band for the Copenhell audience. People have yearned for the festival experience for years now and they have kept their tickets, trusting us to make a great comeback. And now we do it with the greatest band in the history of rock and metal and with one of the strongest Danish festival posters ever!” ”Copenhell has gone through an amazing development since the beginning in 2010. Today, we have one of Europe’s strongest line-ups – and we continue to stand by our core values and focus on great experiences, lots of variety and depth as well as the unique Copenhell atmosphere, thanks to our incredible audience. The historic 2022 festival poster is a manifest indication of the great need for a festival dedicated to hard rock and heavy metal in Denmark, and we are immensely proud of looking forward to our best festival ever next year.”
Metallica will perform on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. This means that the festival’s ’warm-up day’ will become a full festival day and that Copenhell turns into a 4-day festival next year.

Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Emperor and many other bands have been re-confirmed for next year’s festival.

Last month, the metal legends from Iron Maiden reported that their Legacy of the Beast tour will hit Copenhell next year, and it is now a great pleasure for Copenhell to re-confirm lots of additional great rock and metal bands for 2022.

The kings of ”heavy fucking metal”, Judas Priest, are back in the top of the festival poster together with the wild and angry veterans from Korn and the metal gods from Mercyful Fate, who will finally get their chance to deliver a historical concert with their occult metal next year.

They are followed by a fistful of heavy bands: The Norwegian black metal band Emperor will smother the festival in pure, impermeable evil, while Death To All and Gatecreeper attck the audience with bone-crushing death metal and Destruction and Artillery annihilate the remains with a bombardment of furious thrash metal – the latter just released their newest album today, by the way!

The south Californian punks from Bad Religion and Swedish The Hellacopters and Hällas will deliver some of next year’s biggest rock experiences, while the power metal band Gloryhammer will be guaranteed to start an epic beer party.

Ukrainian Jinjer and Swedish Opeth will cut through it all with their progressive, technical and heavy metal, and core fans can look forward to wild concerts with Of Mice & Men, Knocked Loose, Dog Eat Dog and LOK.

Metallica will be featured along with the following bands at Copenhell 2022:

Iron Maiden – Kiss – Judas Priest – Korn – D-A-D – Mercyful Fate – Emperor – Bad Religion – Opeth – The Hellacopters – Bersærk – Jinjer – Gloryhammer – Death To All – Of Mice & Men – Artillery – Dog Eat Dog – Siamese – Destruction – Orm – Redwood Hill – Ghost Iris – Withering Surface – Xenoblight – Hällas – LOK – Gatecreeper – Knocked Loose – Svartsot – Soren Andersen – Eyes – Denial Of God – Wayward Dawn – Lifesick – Nyredolk – and many more to be announced soon at!