Mors Principium Est seem to almost live by the meaning of their name – “death is the beginning,” in Latin. After losing their rhythm section, the band have come back sounding stronger and more vibrant than ever. But one more departure and the band essentially becomes a solo project for whomever remains, so let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. The Finnish Melodic Death Metal legends Mors Principium Est released their third video single “My home, my grave” from their forthcoming album “Seven” released in October 23rd, 2020.

“My home, my grave” git grandiose orchestral arrangements in the vein of early Mors Principium Est releases combined with lashing drums and the trademark vocals make this the perfect closing song of the album and equally a superb single choice!

Mors Principium Est are one of the leading names in the melodic death metal scene!

Even if comparisons to bands like In Flames, At The Gates or Children Of Bodom come to mind quickly, it is their progressiveness and individuality that distinguishes Mors Principium Est from the majority of other melodic death metal bands. Guitar riffs, sharp and on point like a razor, powerful, ominous growls and songs that oftentimes feature highspeed riffage, only briefly interrupted by a few slow passages, produce a sinister, brute sound that, despite its hardness, is perfected with melody and melancholy. With ten brandnew songs and an album, which represents their innovative death metal, Mors Principium Est are once again able to shine easily manage the balancing act between old school and modern Metal.

01 – A Day For Redemption
02 – Lost In A Starless Aeon
03 – In Frozen Fields
04 – March To War
05 – Rebirth
06 – Reverence
07 – Master Of The Dead
08 – The Everlong Night
09 – At The Shores Of Silver Sand
10 – My Home, My Grave

  • Ville Viljanen – sång
  • Iiro Aittokoski – trummor
  • Teemu Heinola – basgitarr
  • Andy Gillion – sologitarr, programmering