NERVED releasing the third single and video from their coming album

The power ballad ”Everlasting” – like mixing Type O Negative with Ann Wilson.

The perfectionists in NERVED have finally released the third single from their coming album. The song Everlasting was planned to be released in May but was postponed without further notice…until now. Any way, the song is a classic power ballad with a strong melody performed in a class of its own by their new vocalist Petra Kvännå, it sounds a bit like mixing Adele or Ann Wilson with Type O Negative. Very powerful singing with massive guitars in other words. Besides the four suited men, Petra is also accompanied by Elisabet Landgren on violin and Marika Erlandsson on cello – both from the internationally acclaimed Dalasinfoniettan. The string arrangement is done by Anna-Karin Klockar who has done the music scores to numerous Italian movies and TV-series.

The track is from their coming album Leave It All Behind, due to be released 24 July…if that won’t be postponed like everything else has been so far.

The video was shot by Mårten Levin and edited by Andreas Zetterqvist. See it here:





Krister Lindholm

Krister Lindholm

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