NERVED – The New Album Is Out Now

NERVED – The New Album Is Out Now

After nine years of production NERVED has released their third album on all major streaming platforms, but also as CD and as a limited edition red vinyl. It includes ten songs and amongst those the latest singles I Love You, Freedom and Everlasting. It has been ten years since their earlier album.

The line-up is, besides the band’s founder Marcus Hanser, vocalist Petra Kvännå (Sky High. Team Cans etc), guitarist Joachim Björkegren (Max Martin, Chosen by Gods), bass player Elias Modig (Eagle-Eye Cherry, Eric Gadd, Blaknuss etc) and drummer Joacim Brunnberg (Eskobar, Mike Granditsky). Not the average metal players, to say the least.

Guest artists are Jacob Samuel (the Poodles), Richard Sjunnesson (The Unguided, Sonic Syndicate), Leif Göras (Orsa Spelmän, Benny Anderssons Orkester), Elisabeth Lagergren and Marika Erlandsson (both active in Dalasinfoniettan).

The album is said to be a modern, heavy and melody-focused Rammstein inspired production with a distinct and powerful vocal performance from Petra Kvännå.

Leave It All Behind is produced by the band’s guitarist Marcus Hanser, mixed by Pontus Frisk (Joakim Lundell, Arrhult etc) and mastered by Henke Jonsson (Rammstein, Thåström etc).

The album was reviewed by Mattias Eronns here on Stargazed Magazine. He wasn’t totally sold on it and gave i an average t 5/10. However he was rather impressed with the sound and stated ”..I find it hard to remember when, if at all, I heard a more well-balanced production!”

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