Oh dear. What went wrong when you named the band Rising Steel? It sounds like the worst part of the power metal genre. The album cover might not help either. Thankfully there is something much better hidden in the music when listening to the album.
The band is said to be influenced by NWOBHM and well, if it is NWOBHM 2.0 that is. It´s when they focus on heavy riffing and the melodies they leave the doubts behind but we had to wait until the last part of the album before they too realized that.

The titles of the songs doesn’t help my action to try to save them from not swimming in the wrong pond either. Don´t laugh when I say that a song named “Steel Hammer” is a good tune, followed by “Blackheart” and from then on the album has a better standard. I like the build up here. Feels like they are a NWOBHM influenced band after all. And the album grows on you as long as you forget the bad decision of the band name.

“Gloomy world” is very much the stand out track . And from then on I can only enjoy the album. Was this an album who were supposed to be half as long? “Malefice” and ”Metal Nation” is as speed metal as anything today. So as the first half is a warm up and the second is what really counts. They even go out with a bang and somewhere you might even hear early Metallica even in the melodies. Apart from the bandname that is….
But hey, you can probably name a few strange named band that is far bigger than Rising Steel…

Band: Rising Steel
Title: Fight Them All
Rating: 6/10
Release Date: 2020-09-04
Record Label: Frontiers
Stand Out Track: Gloomy World