As reported earlier here at Stargazed Magazine, Sabaton Open Air 2019 will be held at Lugnet in Falun, Sweden on August 14-17, 2019. In addition to Sabaton themselves, the line-up also features Borknagar, Manimal, Visions of Atlantis, Brothers of Metal, Serenity, Grailknights, Gloryhammer, Lagerstein, Utmarken and Attick Demons.

Five further acts have now been added to the line-up above, namely Arkona, Bloodbound, Ensiferum, Alestorm and Crystal Viper.

For those who prefer their power metal to be a little on the dark side, please welcome Bloodbound back to Sabaton Open Air. This hard-working Swedish band has released eight studio albums in 12 years, blending uplifting power chords with slightly more sinister lyrical themes. The band takes its name from the ancient custom of cutting the hands to become blood brothers, creating a bond that would last a lifetime – very much like the bonds created by metal music today!

They might be one of the original battle metal bands, but it will be all peace and harmony in Falun when Finnish folk metal mainstays Ensiferum take the stage. Founded in 1995 by guitarist Marcus Toivonen and with seven studio albums under their belt, the band is sure to bring the party with them. So grab yourself one more magic potion and join us in raising our swords to Ensiferum’s second appearance at Sabaton Open Air.

Ahoy metalheads! If you were hoping Gloryhammer’s addition to our lineup might mean keyboard player Chris Bowes other band would be here too, we’ve got good news for you… Sabaton Open Air is pleased to welcome Alestorm – long time touring brothers of Sabaton and the ultimate party band. We know you’re here to drink our beer, but don’t get too distracted by wenches and mead because you’ll be wanting to keelhaul yourself if you miss out on Alestorm’s show!

Polish Hussars, have we got a treat for you at Sabaton Open Air 2019, with Poland’s own Crystal Viper! Crystal Viper – who played here six years ago when the festival was still known as Rockstad:Falun – are reminiscent of the hard-partying heyday of 80s metal, blending heavy and speed riffs with frontwoman Marta Gabriel’s powerful vocal. If you’re a fan of tough metal maidens like Doro and Lita Ford, you won’t regret checking out Crystal Viper when they hit the stage in Falun.

Moscow’s Arkona is the next addition to the ever more exciting lineup for Sabaton Open Air. Founded in 2002 by frontwoman Masha “Scream”, this folk metal band tells tales from ancient Slavic mythology and blends traditional Russian instruments with their sound. Singing purely in their native language, Arkona has brought awareness of their Russian heritage to the worldwide metal community in a way that few bands from their country have ever achieved