Forget ”To hell with the devil” lets forget their christian rock band label. Listen to the band as it deserves. Yes, the singer have a demanding voice but one strong rock voice and this is where and what I am gonna try to focus on. Lyrically we can probably figure out that its the constant battle between whats good and bad and that is the essence of the lyrics. Since the comeback a few years ago, this band has stepped up their game. Even sounds really angry at times. A song named ”Make love great again” makes its own standpoint quite clear what they think of the man in the white house?

Glad to hear them focus on the heavy sound but ”Let him in”, ”Do unto others” and ”Even the devil believes” throws me back to the days when they first came on to my radar. But it comes with an updated sound thankfully. They slow down a bit on ”How to fly” and hopefully recharge themselves for the latter part of the album. ”Divider” is by far the best song yet. ”This I Pray” which is the albums ballad is best to be forgotten. ”Invitation Only” sounds like something from their early career and would fit right in on the most classic Stryper releases. The final track ”Middle finger Messiah” will get a prominent note for its (for being Stryper) heaviness. Sadly I find myself zooming out during this session and Stryper continue to be a band in the periphery of my musical world. Not the worst I heard but still there is something missing .

Band: Stryper
Title: Even The Devil Believes
Rating: 5/10
Date of Release: 2020-09-04
Lable: Frontiers records
Stand Out Track: Divider