As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, Transport League will release their eight album “A Million Volt Scream” on September 6th through Mighty Music. As the critics’ faves, they have been praised to the skies, as a down-to-earth band they’ve always remained in tune with the times and close to their fans, while their rhythmic, powerful and stylistically diverse heavy metal has left an impressive mark on the international hard ‘n’ heavy scene.

“A Million Volt Scream” will be released in CD, vinyl LP and digital. Pre-orders are available HERE.

1. A Million Volt Scream
2. 1200 Goddamned
3. Monster Human
4. Dawn of Lucifer
5. Vultures
6. Vanished Empire
7. Facedown Bondage
8. Slave in Orbit
9. Creature Grunts
10. Rabid Horizon