Vanishing Point’s sixth full-length album, “Dead Elysium”, is set for release on August 28th, 2020. It’s now available for pre-order from the AFM shop and other outlets.

“Dead Elysium” promises to be a return to form for Australia’s iconic melodic metal band, revisiting the epic and bombastic sounds of soaring vocals, heavy guitars and mesmerizing orchestral elements.

Guitarist Chris Porcianko explains: “We faced many obstacles over the years between “Dead Elysium” and “Distant Is The Sun”, we’d like to think that this album is also a kind of reflection on the journey we had as a band and as individuals over the last few years.”

The epic title song “Dead Elysium” will be heralding the new album first, followed by a second single by the name of “Salvus”, saturated in dark atmosphere and melody. Both will be accompanied by lyric videos. A new official energetic and symphonic videoclip/single named “Count Your Days” will see daylight shortly before album release.