Hello music lovers! I want to welcome you to Stargazed Magazine.

If you like rock and metal you have come to the right place. Stargazed Magazine is a web site focused on bringing you news, interesting interviews, cool photos and reviews of the latest albums and concerts. When the festival season begins there will of course be extensive coverage from the hottest rock festivals. I’m also planning a regular pod cast and hopefully I will be able to offer a lot of awesome contests.

Stargazed is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and after covering rock and metal in Upsala Nya Tidning for the last couple of years I feel that this is the next logical step. A platform with complete creative freedom. The stars have aligned (pun intended) so to speak. After covering hundreds of events and festivals and reviewing countless new albums I do however realize that I can’t do this all on my own if Stargazed is gonna become what I envision it to. This is where some of you readers come in. Are you a writer who wants to hear the latest albums before everyone else? Or maybe a photographer who wants to shoot big shows and festivals? Feel free to write to me on johan.jakobsson@stargazed.net 

There is a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes here at the site and there will be interviews and news coming up in the next few days. Until then you could always drop me a line telling me what you want to read about or who I should interview next.

Personally, I’m psyched to see Metallica for the tenth time in a couple of weeks in Copenhagen. There will of course be an extensive review online here right after the gig.

Stay heavy!

/Johan Jakobsson