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Runemagick – Into Desolate Realms
Everything we are used to find on a Runemagick album is also present on "Into Desolate Realms", the slow ultra READ MORE HERE!
Swedish melodic rock sensation Arctic Rain signs with Frontiers
"With influences like Whitesnake, Mr Big, Foreigner, Talisman, Def Leppard, TOTO, Treat, Dokken, White Lion, Journey, and so many other READ MORE HERE!
Work Of Art - Exhibits
The video for Another Night is a Work of Art
the Swedish AOR band Work of Art released their new album, "Exhibits", on November 8th. READ MORE HERE!
Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness
Will You Still Kiss Me (If I See You In Heaven) wonders Pretty Maids
Danish hard rock legends Pretty Maids released "Undress Your Madness" on November 8th. READ MORE HERE!
The Night Flight Orchestra - Cabin Pressure Drops
The Night Flight Orchestra release album teaser video and single
Earlier this year, Swedish classic rock/A.O.R. supergroup The Night Flight Orchestra announced that they had started recording the successor of READ MORE HERE!
Sepultura - Quadra
Sepultura release first single off upcoming album “Quadra”
Brazil’s metal icons Sepultura have revealed that their electrifying new concept album, "Quadra", will be available on 7th February 2020. READ MORE HERE!
H.E.A.T. - II
H.E.A.T. drops second single off upcoming album
Swedish rockers H.E.A.T. will release their new album, “H.E.A.T. II”, early next year. The band have now released the second READ MORE HERE!
Bombus - Vulture Culture
Bombus release third single off “Vuluture Culture”
The Swedish metal band Bombus will release their new album, “Vulture Culture”, on November 15th. The band have now released READ MORE HERE!
Mayhem - Daemon
Mayhem release official video for “Falsified & Hated”
The True Norwegian Black Metal legends Mayhem recently released their sixth studio album, “Daemon”. The band have now released the READ MORE HERE!
Alfahanne - Atomvinter
Alfahanne release new single
Swedish rockers Alfahanne have released a new single, titled "Alla Mot Alla". This is the third single off their newly READ MORE HERE!
Frontiers has Fallen for Zak Stevens’ Archon Angel
Aldo submitted some song ideas to Zak, which were reminiscent of the classic Savatage sound of records such as “Edge READ MORE HERE!
Maraton - Fringe Logic
Stargazed exclusive! Maraton premieres new single “Fringe Logic”
Described as “shamelessly melodic”, Maraton pushes the boundaries and mixes styles of prog, rock and pop into an utterly mesmerizing READ MORE HERE!
The Dark Element - Songs The Night Sings
The Dark Element is Not Your Monster
The Dark Element - featuring former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon and guitarist/songwriter Jani Liimatainen (Insomnium, Cain's Offering) - will release READ MORE HERE!
Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast Tour 2020
The Beast returns to Sweden!
Heavy Metal giants Iron Maiden have announced they will return to Sweden on June 27th, 2020, for a concert at READ MORE HERE!
Accept presents new guitarist
Accept are getting ready for two upcoming North American dates this weekend. Unfortunately, Uwe Lulis will not... READ MORE HERE!
W.A.S.P. announce extensive “1984 to Headless” tour in Scandinavia
Next year W.A.S.P. will hit the roads for their “1984 To Headless World Tour”. The setlist on this tour will READ MORE HERE!
Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum announce concerts in Sweden
Finnish acts Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum will join forces next year for a tour together. They now have announced two READ MORE HERE!
Van Canto confirmed for Sabaton Open Air 2020
Sabaton Open Air has today announced that Van Canto is confirmed to play their 2020 issue in... READ MORE HERE!
Deaf Rat – Ban The Light
This album will probably go down well with some that do like their rock predictable and with as many re-used READ MORE HERE!
Alcest – Spiritual Instinct
Call it a six (long) track meditation, if you will. I will simply call it amazing. READ MORE HERE!
The concept, the constant process – and the progress: Interview with Bloodbound
Yeah, it’s a bit of a struggle – and had we all been 25 and single, we probably would have READ MORE HERE!
Sabatons journey is very inspiring for us:Interview with Frida from REXORIA
-The new album is called ”Icebreaker” and we really want to break the ice and reach out to a wide READ MORE HERE!
REXORIA – Icebreaker
REXORIA has a great deal of potential and the music isn't bad. Frida Ohlin has a great voice and the READ MORE HERE!
Mercyful Fate bassist Timi Hansen (1958-2019) remembered
Danish bassist Timi Hansen played in the Danish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate from 1981 to 1985 and from 1992 READ MORE HERE!

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