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Dimmu Borgir - Eonian
Dimmu Borgir – Eonian
6/10 When Dimmu Borgir, celebrating their 10th-album anniversary (“Stormblåst MMV” included) releases their new album “Eonian”, there... READ MORE HERE!
The vinyl is dead, long live the vinyl!
The vinyl is dead, long live the vinyl!
I don’t remember when I started to collect music but I think it was in 1976 when... READ MORE HERE!
Joe Bonamassa – British blues explosion Live
Joe Bonamassa – British blues explosion Live
6/10 Joe Bonamassa is a white boy virtuoso as a blues guitarist, who has now been in... READ MORE HERE!
Next NERVED single and coming album postponed
Through the band’s facebook page, NERVED announces a delay for the coming single ”Everlasting” as well as... READ MORE HERE!
Riot V - Armor Of Light
Riot V – Armor Of Light
7/10 Mark Reale was the founder of the band Riot. He died in January 2012 and after... READ MORE HERE!
Stryper - God Damn Evil
Stryper – God Damn Evil
7/10 Stryper release their 10th studioalbum. An album I think is pretty good. They’ve got a modern... READ MORE HERE!
Victor Olsson
Victor Olsson from Saffire: “The album I always wanted to make”
Interview with Victor Olsson from Saffire Time for release of the new album “Where Monsters Dwell”, how... READ MORE HERE!
Nightwish at The City National Grove, Anaheim California USA
As one of the most engaging and well-respected names on the modern metal scene as a whole, Nightwish shows... READ MORE HERE!
Saffire - Where Monsters Dwell
Saffire – Where the Monsters Dwell
6/10 Having been a die-hard Deep Purple fan since way back (and I am quite old), it... READ MORE HERE!
Bonfire - Temple Of Lies
Bonfire – Temple Of Lies
5/10 I can take to the protocol right now that Bonfire 2018 isn’t the same band as... READ MORE HERE!
Abramis Brama – Tusen år
8.5/10 Abramis Brama is a Swedish stoner rock band from Stockholm, which have both their feet steadily... READ MORE HERE!
Bullet – Dust to Gold
6/10 It’s been four years in waiting, but Bullet is now finally back for another bite at... READ MORE HERE!
Kamelot - The Shadow Theory
Kamelot – The Shadow Theory
8/10 12 albums now by this band. When I hear their name I always think to myself... READ MORE HERE!
Avatar - Trädgårn Gothenburg 2018 - Review on Stargazed Magazine
Avatar – Trädgårn Gothenburg 2018
10/10 Ladies and gentlemen…..I rest my case… I have sad it before and I say it again;... READ MORE HERE!
Axel Rudi Pell - Knights Call
Axel Rudi Pell – Knights Call
6/10 The question you can ask first is if Axel Rudi Pell has been recording the same... READ MORE HERE!
Stefan Bjornshog
Stargazed Magazine welcome our new chronicler Stefan Bjornshog
Back in 1982 a band called Destiny started up in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since then Destiny have been... READ MORE HERE!
TORMENTOR BESTIAL - From The Past To The Future
Tormentor Bestial – From The Past To The Future – new music video
From The Past To The Future is the first video from Tormentor Bestial with its new formation,... READ MORE HERE!
Monster Magnet - Mindfucker
Monster Magnet – Mindfucker
6/10 Mindfucker is a brand new album release from New Jersey native Dave Wyndorf and his posse... READ MORE HERE!
Judas Priest - FirePower
Judas Priest – FirePower
Judas Priest – FirePower 7/10 CWOBHM (Classic wave of British Heavy Metal) Could it be more classic... READ MORE HERE!

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