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Sabaton to release video for Manowar cover:
Sabaton to release video for Manowar cover: “Kingdom Come”!
Sabaton recorded a version of the Manowar hit song “Kingdom Come” in 2017 as a bonus track... READ MORE HERE!
Denied – Freedom Of Speech
Denied – Freedom Of Speech
Denied – Freedom Of Speech 5/10 Sweden are known for several things. We had a king who... READ MORE HERE!
I love You. Revisited. Why?
The recently released single I Love You, featuring Jakob Samuel (The Poodles), is also called ”revisited”, as... READ MORE HERE!
Jakob Samuel (the Poodles) sings with NERVED on their new single
Jakob Samuel (The Poodles) sings with NERVED on their new single!
The Swedish alternative metal band Nerved has released a new single I Love You [revisited], featuring Jakob... READ MORE HERE!
LIV SIN – With a touch of sin
No one really expected, that the successful and growing career of Gothenburg based SISTER SIN could come... READ MORE HERE!
Sabaton, Accept, Twilight Force, Göransson Arena, Sandviken, 2017-03-18
I arrived in Sandviken just as the doors opened in tonight’s venue Göransson Arena but since they’d... READ MORE HERE!
Bassed on friendship
Bassed on friendship – Elias Modig
The fragmentation began as Johan, the singer and co-composer on Finally Nerved, called me up one day... READ MORE HERE!
Backyard Babies, Katalin, Uppsala 2017-03-04
It was with great curiosity I came to Katalin, Uppsala this night. Katalin (and all that jazz)... READ MORE HERE!
Trägen Vinner - Thobbe Englund
Video + Lyrics: Thobbe Englund – Trägen Vinner
From Thobbe Englund´s new album “Sold My Soul” comes TRÄGEN VINNER, a song in Swedish that deals... READ MORE HERE!
Skunk Anansie, Cirkus, Stockholm 2017-02-28
Like a child the night before Christmas day, is the best way to describe my feelings as... READ MORE HERE!
Power Quest - Tales From the Quest
Tales from the Quest
Before I get started with the first “tale” I really want to say how thrilled and excited... READ MORE HERE!
Sainted Sinnners
Oklahoma born singer David Reece is one of those voices in rock music, you’ll always recognize and... READ MORE HERE!
Metallica in Copenhagen
It’s Sunday the 8th of march 2009. After a heavy Saturday night in Ericsson Globe in Stockholm... READ MORE HERE!
The need of limitations and the lack of rehearsals
The need of limitations and the lack of rehearsals
Someone said, I think it might have been Laurie Anderson, that in creativity you need limitations. And... READ MORE HERE!
Photo gallery: Kreator, Sepultura, Soilwork, Aborted, Arenan Stockholm 2017-02-08
On the 8th of march a brutal package with Kreator, Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted visited Stockholm. Unfortunately... READ MORE HERE!
Every project have to be multiplied with Pi
– I have an option on you. It was Niklas Bäck, my good friend and also the... READ MORE HERE!
Thobbe Englund
Were things better back in the old days?
Back in the day. Were things better back in the old days? Some might argue they were.... READ MORE HERE!
Me And That Man – Nergal – Playlist
As many of you probably have heard by now, Behemoth’s iconic leading man Nergal has made an... READ MORE HERE!
Helion Prime
HELION PRIME – They are among us!
With the 2014 founded HELION PRIME, one of the most unique and exceptional bands of nowadays Power... READ MORE HERE!
Logo Contest
The Stargazed Magazine Logotype contest
Are you a graphic designer? Do you have some time left? We need a proper logotype made... READ MORE HERE!

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