Abramis Brama is a Swedish stoner rock band from Stockholm, which have both their feet steadily and firmly in the 70:s retrosound, with influences from bands as November, Kyuss, and to some degree the band Kaipa.

Tusen år is the band’s seventh full-length album and as usual all the vocals are in Swedish, which I always thought was a bold move by the band. But I also think it is a really smart move to stand out, and I belive Abramis Brama is adding a dimension to their music, they would not have if the vocals were in English.

For all the fans of Abramis Brama, this album will not be of any surprise to you. You have got the heavy Sabbath riffs with a heavy bluesy psychedelic feel to it. The bass is distinct as usual, which the three first songs shows (‘Löpeld’, ‘Vem är du’ and ‘Tusen år’), which of course is a strength in it self. Not just because I just love it, but because that sound make them stand out a mile away. Another song that really stands out is the song ‘Hav av lögner’. If I was to complain about something about this album, it is the balladparts of ‘Slutet av tunneln’. That is the song that in my opinion is the weakest by far. The album as a whole however, is a grower – it just get better every time you hear it.

I am really looking forward to see Abramis Brama play these songs live, because I know that they make themselves more justice as a liveact. Sometimes they have trouble to give the songs the same energy on the album, compared to what they can do as a liveact. What I can say for sure is that if you are a November and Kyuss fan, you most definitely should check this band out. I can assure you that you are in for a treat.

Band: Abramis Brama
Title: Tusen År
Label: Black Lodge Records
Date of release: 20th April 2018
Playing Time: 45:38 min
Rate: 8.5/10
Stand out track: Hav av lögner