Accept – Symphonic Terror – Live at Wacken 2017


When I heard Accept the first time I was impressed how fast they played the opening track “Fast As A Shark” from the album “Restless And Wild”. For me as a young boy a new world opened up. I also was thinking how the brilliant guitar player Wolf Hoffman mixed great heavy metal riffs with solos very much influenced from classical music. Now 36 years later Accept mix it for real along with a symphony orchestra at the biggest festival in Europe, Wacken Open Air. The album contains three parts. First there is five songs without the orchestra, it just pure heavy metal where we can hear “Die By The Sword” from the latest studio album “The Rise Of Chaos” as well as a great live version of the title track from the 1982 effort “Restless And Wild”.

The second part is six songs where Wolf Hoffman and the orchestra is playing classical music with electric guitars. Wolf is one of the best guitar players in the metal world and he shows that classical music along with heavy metal is a perfect match. Songs like “Night on Bald Mountain”, “Pathétique” and “Scherzo” first appeared on Wolfs solo album “Headbangers Symphony” and when Wacken Open Air gets to hear “Symphony No. 40 in G Minor” it’s pure magic.

When Kiss released the album “Symphony Alive IV” back in 2003 they also made an album that contains three parts, and just like Kiss the third part is some of the bands electric songs along with the orchestra. It’s working very well and songs like “Stalingrad”, “Dying Breed”, “Fast As A Shark” and “Dark Side Of My Heart” are growing a little bit with the orchestra. But the best moment on this album is “Shadow Soldiers” with that incredible clear tune from Wolfs guitar that grabs my heart right away. To sum it up this is a live album that feels necessary and believe me when I say that I will see this live if I get the chance.

Band: Accept
Title: Symphonic Terror – Live at Wacken 2017
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 23/11-18
Rating: 8/10
Stand out track: Shadow Soldier

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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