The sixth record from this band and third with Wiliam DuVall on vocals. I must say that i haven´t heard the two latest records by the band, now, listening to this record makes me think of ”Jar of Flies” /”sap” more than ”Dirt” or ”Facelift”, no  place for songs like ”Them Bones” here, more focus on melodies and harmonies from the aforementioned ep:s.
Still just as gloomy as ever. If you like me ”forgot” about the band when Wiliam came in, please give the album a chance, without thinking too much of the first era of the band.

This is however a record that might not get a top position when it´s time to sum up the records released 2018.  Alice In Chains have found their trademark as it seems but still revisiting their own history in a few songs (”Drone” is one example).
I never thought I would mention The Beatles when talking about this band, but listen to the intro of ”Maybe” and you get a nod to Lennon/McCartney.

”Never Fade” stands out from the rest of the album in my opinion because it´s a bit more uptempo than the rest of the record. ”Red Giant” are just HEAVY and the title track has a good groove where early  AIC comes to mind again. “Fly” and “Maybe” slightly winks the “Jar of Flies” / “sap” record. “Deaf ears blind eyes” is one of the direct favorites on the record.

Artist: Alice In Chains
Title: Rainier Fog
Label: BMG
Date of release: 24/8-18
Playing time: 53:21
Rate: 6/10
Stand out track: “Never Fade”