Alter Bridge – Walk The Sky


Ready for an hour with some radio friendly american rock radio music that isn´t as heavy as Five Finger Death Punch? Fronted by “the man who sings for Slash”. They kick in to “Wouldn´t you rather” and it´s no question about what band it is. Everything we know as Alter Bridge makes it´s presence straight out and we all know their formula for a success. So when a song goes off in a bit of a harder way than what I think of when I think of the band, I hope for something different but it kind of falls off its rails and back into known territory a bit too much.

It´s a shame in a way. Six records in they should try to go out on some more daring adventures. And yes! It took four songs before they found the more “adventurous” side and I like it more than the other songs. “Godspeed”, “Native Son” and “Take the crown” is three very strong songs in a row showing the harder side of the band and all are early favourite songs. I am not overly impressed by the more recognizable Alter Bridge songs. Some ditch-driving for a few songs and then back at the more heavier parts with a song like “Pay No Mind” that is also the part of Alter Bridge that appeals to me.

All in all a far better and more mature record than I expected. They might not gain a whole lot of new fans with this but not loosing many either. If they choose wisely the videos for songs from the album they might get a few more fans. I do find myself enjoying Myles vocals or maybe paid more attention to him now than before. A very specific and powerful voice. A few songs on the album sounds so familiar that they could be taken for a re-recording or a cover song.


Band: Alter Bridge
Title: Walk The Sky
Label: Napalm Records
Date of release: 19-10-18
Rate: 6/10
Stand Out Track: Native Son, Take The Crown

Peter Andersson Öhrn

Peter Andersson Öhrn


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