Arion – Life Is Not Beautiful


Back in 2011 Arion was formed in Helsinki, Finland. In my opinion the finnish scene of heavy music is quite good these days. Bands like Battle Beast, Beast In Black, Nightwish and Stratovarius are still among the most vital bands in the Metal genre. Arion has a new album out called “Life Is Not Beautiful” and believe me when I say it’s not beautiful all the time, but of course it’s incredibly beautiful from time to time as well. It doesn’t hurt listening to this new album from Arion and it’s homogeneous from the start until the end.

I’m kind of missing those real killer tracks that we are spoiled with when it comes to metal band from Finland. There is no song near for example “Blind And Frozen” (Beast In Black) or “Out Of Control” (Battle Beast) even if they come pretty close with “Through Your Falling Tears”. Other songs that stands out are “At The Break Of Dawn” where Elize Ryd from Amaranthe helps out with her brilliant voice and “Last One Falls” which definitely is one of the best ballads released in 2018.

The future is looking good I think for Arion because they have the potential to take the next step on the next record. And I would be very happy if this band could appear on Sabaton Open Air 2019 because they would fit in extremely well.

Band: Arion
Title: Life Is Not Beautiful
Label: AFM Records
Date of release: 19/10-18
Time: 39,17
Rating: 6/10
Stand out track: Through Your Falling Tears

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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