Avatar – Trädgårn Gothenburg 2018


Ladies and gentlemen…..I rest my case… I have sad it before and I say it again; this is one of the best live bands in the world. Avatar has their own league when it comes to live shows… This band is not a rock band, not a theatre assemble, not a freak show – they are everything you can imagine, and beyond!

Tonight, they do their last show on a long world tour before a new tour begins. The final takes place in Gothenburg of course. The hometown of Avatar.

As warm up, we enjoy Old Kerry McKee, a quirky sing and songwriter with his music soul in the country area. Hellzapoppin, a provocative circus show fits in well in the Avatar spirit. They put us in the correct mindset with fire eating, acrobatics and crazy drilling-in-my-nose performance with a huge touch of freak. Extreme and far from ”normal” but totally natural as support to Avatar. As thoughtful as the actual concert.

It’s impossible to describe Avatar in words that gives them justice. You need to see, feel and live them to understand, but ok, I’ll try my best.

Let’s start with the music. It’s a collaboration of metal, growl, melodic rock, singing and storytelling. It´s hard and fast, soft and slow in a perfect symbiosis. It’s easy to like and many of the melodies is like glue to your brain. Trädgårn in Gothenburg is a great location for concerts with a good size floor and balconies. It gives a tight feeling and when 1100 people sings along, the magic is total.

Honestly, many fans of Avatar is fans, not only because of the good songs. The people who lives in the Avatar country worship their king and wants to meet Avatars music live. It’s the show that makes them so unique. Tonight, we have the honour to meet the king (Jonas Jarlsby), sitting in his throne with his crown and guitar. Jonas is not only the king of Avatar country, he is also a king of his instrument. Don´t think for a second, that Avatar is more show than heavy metal. The music appearance makes you understand that this team play with their heart and soul.

The singers (Johannes Eckerström) tongue have an important role in the show. He looks crazy with his Joker-inspired make up and the tongue plays longer towards the audience than Gene Simmons ever did.

A concert with Avatar is a story, a fairytale taking place in a Tivoli from hell.  Everyone in the band is involved telling it. Even if Johannes is the front man, everyone on stage play their part and interacting with the audience. Johannes has an irrational and distinct body language and he has ability to control the audience like a puppet, obey the smallest request. Talking about puppets; also, the drummer (John Alfredsson) get to know what it feels to be played as a marionette puppet of “the Joker”.  Everything during the 1 hour and 40 minutes show is extremely well produced and every song, light, costume detail and guitar solo have a purpose. The only time when we are taken back to reality is when Johannes in the end tells us about his personal feeling of standing in his home town, (almost anyway, Avatar was born in Mölndal) with their own show in a sold out Trädgårn. We can see that it is an emotional moment for him and the love he gets from his fans is repaid.

Gothenburg, it smelled like a freak show!

Public: 1100

Rating: 10/10


Photos from this show can be found here!

Elise Pavicic

Elise Pavicic