Axxis – Monster Hero

Axxis – Monster Hero


Axxis is one of those bands that just makes you happy. Their mixture of melodic rock and power metal has for the last 30 years been a consisant part of the german metal scene. Their albums are not always as great as their two first masterpieces, but an Axxis-album is always worth listening to.

“Monster Hero” does not reach out to the absolute greatest hights of the band’s career, but it sure is nice. Comfortable. You hum along with the tunes, stomp your foot firmly to the ground and feel quite good. It’s not packed with obvious greatest hits-material, but all songs are good and it’s still better than most things out there. In the end, the album has slowly won me over and I listen to it with great joy!

I like Axxis. If you too like Axxis, you don’t have to think twice about listening to “Monster Hero”. And if you absolutely love Axxis, you should just go out and buy it on the double. Although, I reckon, you already have.

Band: Axxis
Title: Monster Hero
Label: Phonotraxx Publishing
Date of release: 5/10-18
Time: 48,10
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Love is Gonna Get You Killed

Anton Stenlund
Authored by: Anton Stenlund