It was with great curiosity I came to Katalin, Uppsala this night.

Katalin (and all that jazz) sits in the center of Uppsala, right next to the train station. It´s an old warehouse with brick walls and big windows. It has a dark interior and serves both drinks and food.

Of course I had heard about Backyard Babies, but I had never experienced them live before.The venue was crowded. One of the bouncers told me the venue could hold 550 people, and that there were 530 tickets sold for this night.

As the band hit the stage, the crowd started cheering as the first tunes of “Th1rte3n or Nothing” (Four by Four, 2015) started to fill the room. Nicke Borg (lead vocal, guitar) and Dregen (vocal, guitar) gave the crowd what they where here for: Rock`n Roll.

Backyard Babies are dirty and fast. Bass player Johan and Peder behind the drums both do a great job during the set. The stage is small at Katalin, but that does not seem to bother neither Nick nor Dregen, who both jump and seduce the crowd with finger licking guitar jam.

Right before “Painkiller” (Making Enemies is Good, 2001), Dregen took the time to dedicate the song to Robert “strängen” Dahlqvist  (former Hellacopter member who died earlier this year). In my opinion, a really nice gesture towards a good musician.

The sound at the venue was really loud and clear no matter where I chose to stand, witch in my book is equally important as how the band performs.

During “Star War”(Making enemies is Good, 2001) the crowd was on fire. There were fists in the air, and sing a longs. Uppsala loved it!

One of the encores was “Look at you”(Independent Days, 2001) and it really turned the heat up in an already sweaty venue. Everybody sang along and I even saw one of the bouncers singing. Apparently this song was mighty popular. Heck, even I could not stand still.

I must say I am impressed with Backyard Babies, and I understand why they play sold out shows. This is a party band with Rock in their veins. These guys know how to please a crowd and have the energy of youngsters.


Text: Jessica Möller

Photos: Åsa Edling