Battle Beast – No More Hollywood Endings


This must be the shortest review I have done. Believe me, the album wouldn´t need more words than those:
The albums kicks off with the track ”Unbroken”. It´s hard not to mention all the other female fronted metal bands. I will try not to do so many comparisons, but it´s hard. Formula 1A in this kind of metal. Can we skip the category and just say it´s symphonic power metal? Thank You! On comes the title track “No More Hollywood Endings”. A bit heavier than the first song. But from here on; the only thing I hear is Eurovision Song Contest rock.

“Eden” Wait?! Did Nuclear Blast put a demo from Anette Olzon Nightwish-era on this promotion version of the album to wake us up? “Unfairy Tales”. Having listened to the previous albums leading up to this review I must say that I feel that this is a album that is like “where do we go from here”. Again nothing really happens here. ESC vibes echoes from the last track. However in some way listenable. “Endless Summer”. Now I really loose attention to the album. I am so sorry. I am trying really hard to get a grip on this record. But there is nothing so far that I can say that I have enjoyed. If they with this album tried to make a record that will make them big, they might have succeeded but at the very same time they might end up loose a lot of fans. It’s a really thin line.

“The Hero”. I have run out of words that doesn´t take the honour and glory out of what they have tried to do here. Metal for those who normally doesn´t like metal music? “Piece Of me”. At last some attitude but that still doesn´t say anything. This should have been put on earlier so we didn´t get the risk of falling asleep. A bit different than other songs. “I wish” …that it was a better record than what it is. Sorry again. Here comes the ballad of the album anyway. “Raise Your Fist”. Attitude filled title. A song that probably will go down great live. Relatively good song. And a song that just like “Piece of me” should have been on earlier.
“The Golden Horde”. Doesn´t say anything but this might be the track that I will remember from this listening session. A fresh powermetal pearl of a song. Where did this come from all of a sudden? “World On Fire” ends the album. This is as I warned in the beginning, the shortest review I have done since I started writing for Stargazed I think. But I am sorry. I really listened to the first albums before I took on this one, and is this where they are now?

LENGTH: 45:35
RATE: 4/10

Peter Andersson Öhrn

Peter Andersson Öhrn


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