Beast in Black – From Hell With Love


Instead of taking any side in the debate on wether Battle Beast or Beast in Black is the true heir to the two original Battle Beast albums, I cut right to the chase: “From Hell With Love” is one hell of a hit album! This album is just hit after hit after hit, and by the end, your neck must be aching with pain and your hair has probably got stuck in the fan. All of these thirteen songs are solid hits that could easily take down most arenas in an instant. Perhaps there was no need for the Motörhead-cover “Killed By Death”, but after all, that’s a great song too, so I shouldn’t complain too much about that. Over all, “From Hell With Love” is the best “drink beer and put your fist in the air”-album of February, perhaps even the whole year.

Any downsides? Well, there are no surprises here. This is still the same classic radio oriented metal flirting with the 80’s pop charts, which kind of raises the question how long band leader Anton Kabanen can keep this formula going. On the other hand, as long as he makes albums of this quality, there will probably be always an audience for him, wether it’s in Battle Beast, here or in some other project in the future. After all, doing what you believe in is the heart and soul of music, and you can tell that he just loves doing this.

So if you love classic 80’s metal with refrains that gets stuck in your head in an instant, this is the best album you can check out right now. Myself, I’m looking forward to hearing this material live at Sweden Rock this summer. With my belly full of beer and my fist in the air, of course!

Band: Beast in Black
Title: From Hell With Love
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 8/2-19
Time: 51,12
Rate: 8/10
Stand out tracks: From Hell With Love

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Beast in Black – From Hell With Love

February 14, 2019

Over all, "From Hell With Love" is the best "drink beer and put your fist in the air"-album of February, perhaps even the whole year.

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