Beast In Black is one of the latest additions to the gathering of brilliant stars of the present metal sky. Berserker, their first album, came out 2017 and crashed right into many hearts, also mine. The video to “Blind and Frozen” has currently been shown 7.9 million times only on YouTube. So, my expectations are high this first time I have the chance to watch them live.

At festivals it becomes very clear which bands have loyal fans and not. The big bands always have a bunch of people takes place in front of the stage very early. Even if it should play several other bands before. When Sabaton Open Air open the gates on friday, there were many who walked straight to the stage where Beast In Black should play. As I said, it is not an unusual phenomenon, but what is exceptionally unusual is that a band that released their first album just a year ago already has so many loyal fans. Even the choir singing with the entire song lyrics proves the same thing – Beast in Black has accomplished a take-off as few rock bands can cope within such a short time. Anton Kabanen is a gifted songwriter that deserves all respect.

Once it begins, it’s with full force right from the start. Yannis voice is pervasive and he has the ability to combine smooth song with high screaming. That creates a special dynamic. Another ability he possesses is to interact with his audience to create maximum experience and relationship. He moves all over the stage with a cruel energy, sings to the audience, with the audience, sees people in their eyes and interplays with the others in the band. Also, the rest of the band are engaged, and everyone gets their space to glow during the gig. Guitarists and bassist get a number of occasions where they can flaunt while Yannis goes out from the stage.

The show is well produced and just enough choreographed. The clothes are connected to the rest of the image. When it’s time for “Crazy, Mad, Insane”, the drummer is alone on stage and takes on a mask. When the rest of the band comes in, it is with green ninja turtles masks…… It is not always this kind of totally unexpected, crazy features is good, but it works this time.  If nothing else, it´s a clever move to keep the interest up.

It is unusual to see a band that almost continuously smiles through a concert. Beast in Black is a band that understand to be thankful and excited about the tremendous success they have had and over the love they receive from the audience. They are worthy of all the cheers. Beast in Black is not only good songs, they are also a really good live band.

Who: Beast In Black

Where: Sabaton Open Air 2018

When: 2018-08-17

Stand out track: Blind and Frozen

Rate: 8/10